sábado, mayo 11, 2013

Some tuning apps and shortcuts for Ubuntu

I'm using again Ubuntu and here some apps you should download to tune Ubuntu and some shortcuts to move cool in Ubuntu.
  • Main menu or Alacarte: is an app to easily modify the the main menu  and create shortcuts in Ubuntu.
    sudo apt-get install alarcarte
  • Unity tweak tool: great tool to modify behaviors in the Ubuntu desktop, like to activate workspaces.
    sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool
  •  Compizconfig: tool to modify keyboard and mouse shortcuts and to modify a lot of Ubuntu desktop behavior and configuration.
    sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Some shortcuts to move smart in Ubuntu
  • Ctrl + Alt + Left or Right or Up or Down Arrow: to move between workspaces
  • Super + s : split desktop with all available workspaces and move between them
  • Super + w: split desktop with all open windows
  • Shift+ Ctrl + Alt + Left or Right or Up or Down Arrow: to move current focus window from one workspace to another
  • Ctrl + Alt + D: Show desktop
  • Ctrl + Alt + L: Lock screen

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