miércoles, junio 22, 2011

http://www.srtbox.com/ - Nice home page project

StartBox (http://www.srtbox.com/ or  http://www.srtbox.me) is a small project I developed to test an architecture. Startbox is a home page of bookmarks, inspired on Windows 8 or Windows Phone layout. For the moment bookmarks are random, or can be customize if you log in with your twitter or facebook account. Soon I will add more features, like to read your twitter timeline, read your facebook feeds, read rss, see the weather, see stocks, etc.
The architecture that I’m testing has the following parts:
The pictures and the design was taken from: DebianArt  design by ~flatmo1

NoRM gave me some headache. Linq with decimal does not work. I had to fix some errors on the BSON Deserialize class. It’s a pitty .Net does not have a good stable driver for Mongo yet. Of course there is the official driver of MongoDB. But does not support Linq, and I could not found any example with POCO objects.

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